What are the 3090 and 3115 counters in the output of the 'show ap debug client-mgmt-counters' command?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controllers and ArubaOS 5.x.

The sample 'show ap debug client-mgmt-counters' output contains two numbered counters: 3090 and 3115.

3090 is the STM_VOIP_BANDWIDTH_AVLBL message. This is a message sent from switch STM to AP STM to tell it how much VOIP bandwidth is available (in Kbytes). This information is used to calculate available airtime. Advertised in the AAC Info Element in the beacon if CAC is enabled.

3115 - STM_STA_MANAGEMENT_MESSAGE. This message is sent from AP STM to switch STM. The message contains a .11 management frame encapsulated in a PAPI message.

(Aruba-master) #show ap debug client-mgmt-counters

Name Value
---- -----
AP Stats Update Message 8
3090 2
Tunnel VLAN Membership 2
3115 3
ARM Update 18
Remote AP Config Request 4
AP Message 2
STA Message 6
Stat Update V3 28
AP Message Response 2
sapcp 9

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