What are the Pass-through ports in AP-93H and what are they used for?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

1. What is the Pass-through port in Aruba AP-93h? 
2. Can I apply policies on the pass-through port for end device authentication ( captive portal / dot1x etc.)? 
3. Can the Pass-through port work when the AP is not powered up? 
4. Can the Pass-through port provide POE to power up a phone?



Aruba AP-93H supports one Passive RF-45 interface with two ports called the "Pass-though" port.

One port is next to the console port / E0 port and acts as inside port.
Other port is next to the E1-E4 ports and acts as outside port.

1. This port is a like a cable extension. Let's say that there were two ports one the wall mount where the AP93-h was installed. One port will be used for AP to come up, but the other port will be hidden behind the AP. This port just allows us to extend the port to so it can be used after the AP has been installed. The traffic on the port doesn't interfere with AP traffic at all.

2. We cannot apply any policies on the Pass-through port traffic.

3. Pass-through port will work even if the AP is not powered up.

4. Pass-through port will support POE if the "inside" port provides POE. AP will not be the source of the POE for pass-through port.


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