What are the controller temperature thresholds for normal, minor, major, and critical?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controllers and ArubaOS versions.

Temperature Threshold Information


Aruba defines four temperature severity values: critical, major, minor and normal. Normal corresponds to any value less than the minor threshold. Install sufficient ventilation and cooling to facilitate operation within the normal temperature range at all times.

The following table shows the threshold values that are used to determine the severity of the temperature for each of the different Aruba controller models. Some models, such as the 3x00 and M3, have multiple sensors in multiple locations (potentially with different temperature ranges). Other models, such as the SC supervisor cards and 200 series, have only a single sensor.

In the following table, “AMP” denotes the Aruba Mobility Processor, which is an optional component on the M3 supervisor card. Where AMP is shown, the “CPU” sensor location is actually on the AMP FPGA, which is reported as “Mobility Processor” temperature in the ‘show inventory’ output.

MIPS-based XLR Systems (M3, 6xx, 3xxx)


Model Sensor Location Severity Temperature (° C)
M3, AMP, 3x00, 620, 650 CPU Critical 85.0
M3, AMP, 3x00, 620, 650 CPU Major 80.0
M3, AMP, 3x00, 620, 650 CPU Minor 70.0
M3, AMP, 3x00, 620, 650 CPU Normal < 70.0
M3, AMP, 3x00 card Critical 72.0
M3, AMP, 3x00 card Major 62.0
M3, AMP, 3x00 card Minor 52.0
M3, AMP, 3x00 card Normal < 52.0
65x card Critical 52.0
65x card Major 44.0
65x card Minor 39.0
65x card Normal < 39.0
620 card Critical 60.0
620 card Major 51.0
620 card Minor 47.0
620 card Normal < 47.0

PPC-based Systems (200, 800, 2400, SC1, SC2, etc.)


Model Sensor Location Severity Temperature (° C)
200 card Critical 85.0
200 card Major 80.0
200 card Minor 70.0
200 card Normal < 70.0
All others card Critical 60.0
All others card Major 50.0
All others card Minor 40.0
All others card Normal < 40.0

SNMP Traps
The same temperature thresholds are used for the generation of the wlsxOutOfRangeTemperature and wlsxNormalTemperature traps. If any temperature location exceeds its critical threshold value, a wlsxOutOfRangeTemperature trap is generated. After this trap is generated, the corresponding wlsxNormalTemperature trap is sent only when the temperature falls below the corresponding minor threshold.

SNMP Polling
Aruba controllers return an OID similar to the following format when the wlsxSystemExtMIB MIB is queried:

wlsxSysExtInternalTemparature.0 = STRING: 42.00 degrees Celsius (NORMAL)

The temperature value here represents the card temperature and the current temperature severity, based on the table of thresholds (indicated as NORMAL in this example). Note that if the controller has multiple temperature sensors, this OID returns only the card temperature.

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