What are the default DSCP-WMM mapping values on Aruba WLAN ?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article applies to Aruba Mobility Controllers.


The default DSCP values are derived with respect to the WMM Priority. WMM priority for voice can be either 6 or 7. Aruba uses 7 for WMM voice priority. The upper three bits of the DSCP value are used to derive the WMM AC value. To ensure that the WMM AC for voice is 7, it was recommended that the DSCP value for Voice to be set to 56.

  • DSCP 56 (decimal) = 0x38 (hex) = 0011 1000 (binary)
  • Lower 6 bits of DSCP value = 111000 (binary). Of which the upper three bits is the WMM AC value which is calculated to be 7


                               The following table shows the default DSCP to WMM mapping on Aruba Controller



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