What are the features integrated by ClientMatch? How does it work?

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Question What are the features integrated by ClientMatch? How does it work?
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Aruba ClientMatch technology eliminates sticky clients by continuously gathering session performance metrics from mobile devices and using this information to intelligently steer each one to the closest AP and best radio on the WLAN.

Use of 802.11ac data rates requires close distance between the mobile devices and the WLAN access points (APs). Without ClientMatch, an 802.11ac-enabled wireless WLAN runs the risk of operating at 802.11n speeds.

It integrates the following features,

  •     Spectrum Load balancing
  •     Hand-off Assist & Band Balancing
  •     Band Steering

When some of these features are enabled independently and ClientMatch is enabled as well,
The steering decisions taken by ClientMatch will take precedence over the independent knobs.

How does client match work?

  • Aruba AP generates client probe reports
  • AP's will update the client probe reports to the controller every 30s
  • Controller aggregates the probe reports into virtual beacon report.
  • Controller sends a subset of VBR for associated clients to relevant AP’s.
  • AP monitors client SNR and runs sticky client & band-steer check periodically.
  • Controller also runs dynamic load balancing algorithm algorithm periodically.

What are the advantages of ClientMatch?

  •      Steering and balancing decisions are now continuous and consistent, not just

                 Applied at the time of Client association

  •      Roaming decisions are no longer client based only. Controller determines

                 Ideal candidate AP for the client to roam

  •      Client Balancing is more intelligent,

                 we now know which exact clients needs to be balanced and not at random.

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