What are the licensing requirements on the controller to support SUITE-B ?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article applies to Aruba Mobility Controllers running ArubaOS version – FIPS.


Aruba controllers support Suite-B cryptographic algorithms when the Advanced Cryptography (ACR) license is installed.

-  The ACR license is not required for the controller cluster (Master-Redundancy and Master-Local)                                                                                                       But in order to use Suite B for clients/site-site VPN an ACR license is must

 - The number of ACR license needed is based on number of Suite B connections per controller

 - Hardware requirements- Aruba 72xx, M3 (S/N with FC prefix), 3xxx (S/N with AK prefix), and 6xx

 - Suite B can only be enabled on Controllers With XLR C4 and XLS Processor platforms


To view the License statistics for ACR, use the following :
(Aruba-3600) #show license-usage acr 

  ACR License Usage


  Name               Value
   ----                -----

  License Limit      10

  License Usage      3

  License Exceeded   0

  8021.1x ACR users  1  (Suite B enabled on an SSID)

  IPSEC ACR tunnels  2  (If only using VIA this will be populated but 802.1x ACR user value will be 0)


(Aruba-3600) #show license 

License Table


Key                                                               Installed    Expires     Flags  Service Type

---                                                               ---------        -------          -----     ------------

DQ7hHJW0-A9gr9ywb-ec/kcn20-4WXJk/py-dR/v7vtd-jYY  2011-01-13   2011-02-12         Advanced Cryptography: 10

                                                                     19:41:12[1]  19:41:12


To Debug ACR IPSEC License issues :

(Aruba-3600) #show crypto isakmp stats | include ACR

ACR License Msgs Request/Delete/Req-errors/Resp-rcvd/Resp-error  = 4/3/0/4/0 Allow/Fail 4/0 Limit:512




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