What are the requirements for an AP to act as an RF_Protect sensor? Is a controller required for that?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to RFprotect 6.0.7 and later.

 No controller needs to be present in the network for an AP to work as a sensor. However, if a controller is present, the AP is called a managed RFprotect sensor and without a controller, it is called a stand-alone sensor. As stand-alone sensor, the Aruba AP is managed by the RFprotect server and AP image is downloaded from the RFprotect server. 

For the AP to communicate directly with the RFprotect server and come up as a sensor, the AP must be provisioned with the RFprotect server's IP address as the master and server IP. The AP learns its master and server IP (RFprotect Server IP) just as the AP learns the Aruba controller IP address, that is, using DHCP Option 60 (Vendor Class Identifier) and Option 43 (Vendor Encapsulation option), DNS, or Static.

Supported APs are:

AP-60, AP-61, AP-65, AP-70, AP-80, AP-85

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