What are the valid Aruba MAC OUI and How do we add valid MAC OUI on the Controller ?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies for all Aruba Hardware and Software releases.


Below are the Aruba MAC OUI (Organizationally Unique Identifier) or the first three bytes of the MAC address assigned to each Aruba hardware device.

  • 00:1A:1E

  • 00:0B:86

  • D8:C7:C8

  • 6C:F3:7F

  • 24: DE:C6

  • 9C:1C:12

  • 18:64:72

Aruba has become aware of a small number of software issues related to the new MAC OUI and has made software patches available for a number of popular software versions, including some that have reached End of Support. If a customer does not have Aruba hardware containing the new MAC OUI installed in the network, there is no need to upgrade software. However, customers should be aware that new hardware shipments – including RMAs to replace defective equipment – may contain the new MAC OUI.

For information on affected versions and fixed versions, Please refer the attached bulletin.

If you are running AOS SW releases 5.0 and newer, instead of upgrading the SW, you can use the CLI to add the new OUI on your master controllers:

Below is the command to configure:

(Aruba3400) (config) #valid-network-oui-profile
(Aruba3400) (Valid Equipment OUI profile) #
oui  8:64:72
This should only be used when adding equipment with a new OUI.         Are you sure you want to proceed? [y/n]: y
(Aruba3400) (Valid Equipment OUI profile) #exit

Below is the command to verify your configuration:

(Aruba3400) #show valid-network-oui-profile

Valid Equipment OUI profile
Parameter  Value
---------  -----

OUI        18:64:72

Below is the command to check what all OUIs controller has learned:

(Aruba3400) #show wms system

System Configuration
Key                        Value
---                        -----
max-threshold              0
max-rbtree-entries         0
max-system-wm              1000
system-wm-update-interval  8

System State
Key                    Value
---                    -----
Max AP/STA Threshold   295000
Current AP/STA Count   5
Total AP Count         5
Total STA Count        0
Max RB-tree Threshold  885000
Current RB-Tree Count  0
Poll Count(Max)        0(0)

WMS Offload State
Metric         Threshold  Current
------         ---------  -------
AP/STA Count   50000      5
RB-Tree Count  231000     0
Probe Count    3000       0
WMS Offload: Disabled

Learned OUIs for Deployed APs

NOTE: Controller will learn the MACs from deployed APs. However, in a network where the new OUI is not in use on all APs, some controllers may not know that the OUI is valid. The configuration above allows the Aruba Master controller to tell all Aruba Local controllers that the OUI is Valid and Aruba APs shouldn't make Valid APs a Rouge APs


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