What are the values defined on the controller user table entries ?


What are the values defined on the controller user table entries ?



Please find the below explanation for user table entries on the controller.

(Aruba) #show user | begin Entries

User Entries: 112/112

Curr/Cum Alloc:67/103364 Free:383/103297 Dyn:450 AllocErr:0 FreeErr:0

What are these values “Curr/Cum Alloc:67/103364 Free:383/103297 Dyn:450 AllocErr:0 FreeErr:0” mean?


  1.    Why “Curr” value (67) does not match “User Entries” value (112)?  

“User Entries” value from the “show user-table” is the number of real L3 users and each client may have multiple IPs (max of 2 v4 and 4 v6 for each client). Besides the “show user-table” does NOT include those INTERNAL users used for like APs or others.

“show user-table verbose” will include ALL real and internal users.


  1.     For “User Entries: 112/112“, what does the first 112 mean?  What does the second 112 mean? And why they are different sometimes?

The first 112 is number of entries shown while the second one indicates the total count in AUTH.

Since the display of those user entries are by chunks of 50 entries each time, and there is possibility that user-table get changed (add or delete) during this period for all chunks be retrieved. These two numbers might be different in some cases.


Those are some statistics from user memory mgmt in auth. When a user is deleted, auth saves the un-used user into a freeList (not freeing it). When a user is created, auth tries to use one from the freeList and it will allocate one if there is no item available from the freeList.


Curr/Cum Alloc:67/103364  =>    67 users are created (in use) currently and 103364 cumulative created users since auth starts

Free:383/103297 => Currently allocated but un-used users in the freeList(383)  / cumulative deleted users (1032897) since auth starts.

Dyn:450 => number of instances when memory allocation for user is needed(i.e. when there is no entry in the freeList).

AllocErr:0 => number of instances when failed to allocate user memory.

FreeErr:0  => number of instances when failed to process the un-used user.


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