What causes an AP to be classified as "unknown" by Aruba IDS?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

1. What does it mean when we see the AP as unknown in the output of the command:
show ap monitor ap-list ap-name <name of the AP>

2. Why is Aruba controller no longer classifying the new APs into valid or rogues?


Environment : This article applies to all all Aruba controllers and code versions 3.0 and above


Aruba OS has robust IDS module built in. It can classify the APs as:

1. Valid
2. Interfering
3. Suspected-rogue
4. Rogue

The above classification is based upon the rules set in Aruba OS. These rules can be modified through CLI, GUI in the IDs profiles. Please refer to user guide and CLI guide for more.

Sometimes the controller will classify an some AP as "unknown". This means that Aruba controller was unable to classify the AP in any of the above classifications.


Aruba will time out the  AP and stations it sees. Default value is 30 minutes. If we increase it to a very large value or disable it by setting it as 0, the WMS database will keep growing. It will reach a limit and after that the APs can no longer be classified. This will cause the APs to be shown as "unknown".


 1. Clear the WMS database on the master controller.
#wms clean-db

2. After the controller comes up:
# configure t
#ids wms-general-profile
#ap-ageout-interval 30
#sta-ageout-interval 30
#write mem

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