What controller models support the new “Firewall Visibility” option introduced in AOS version 6.3? What are the license requirements for this feature to work?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article applies to all the controllers running AOS version and higher.


The Firewall Visibility (also known as AppRF) feature is supported on AOS version and above.
Following controller models support Firewall Visibility:


  1. 3200XM, 3400 and 3600
  2. M3
  3. 7200 series controllers

Note: Even though 600 series controllers can be upgraded to version 6.3, they do not support this feature due to memory          constraints.
AirWave version 7.7 onwards can give historic view of the application data for up to 30 days depending upon available space.

 Next generation Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEFng) license is required for Firewall Visibility to function.



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