What does the userdb.cert_path error mean when I configure a management user to authenticate using a client certificate?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba platforms and ArubaOS 3.3.x and later.




You are configuring a management user to authenticate to the Aruba controller webUI using a client certificate. However, when you apply the webUI configuration shown in the figure, the following error is generated in the security log:


"<ERRS> |aaa| Can't delete entries from database, Error Table 'userdb.cert_path' doesn't exist"




For details on client certificate authentication to the controller webUI, see Answer ID 755, "How do I use a client certificate for WebUI login?".






Root Cause


The error indicates that the cert_path table in the userdb database, known as the Internal DB, is either corrupt or has been deleted.






The cert_path table can be deleted when the following CLI and webUI commands are used:


local-userdb fix-database






Repair Database button:




The command should clear the userdb database and rebuild the tables in the database. However, the cert_path table does not get rebuilt and the error message is logged.


1. If the Internal DB is empty, copy the attached file "userdb_empty.export" to the controller flash and import the database using the following command:

#local-userdb import userdb_empty.export

2. If the Internal DB contains a list of users, export that database to a file on the controller flash. Copy that file to a PC and edit it to insert the cert_path structure lines from the attached file. Import it back to the controller.


  • Filename: userdb_empty.export
  • MD5 checksum: D2B0F7FD240694196067B40896E69407

Validate the integrity of the userdb_empty.export file before you import it.

For your reference, the MD5 checksum is provided here and is included in the attached userdb_md5checksum.txt file.



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