What is 802.3az how to enable it in Aruba?

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Aruba Employee

802.3az is also known as Energy-Efficient Ethernet. It is a set of enhancements to the Ethernet standard that allow for less power consumption during periods of low data activity.  It was ratified in 2010 by the IEEE.

Note: Green Ethernet was the name given to energy saving saving techniques released by some vendors before 802.az was ratified.


1. Both Ends must e 802.3az capable.
2. It uses LPI ( low power idle ) to tell the other end that there is no data to be sent and device can be put in "sleep mode" to conserve power.
3. When one has a data to send, it will let the other party know by sending Normal Idle signal to let the other end know that there is data to be sent.



Environment : In Aruba, 802.3az is supported for

a. AP 130 series and above
b. Aruba os 6.2 and above


Network Topology :


Aruba APs coming up on POE.
Code 6.2 and above.
Aruba AP 130 series and above.

Both the ends must support this capability.



To Configure it on the AP uplink port, we need to execute the following:

# config t
#ap enet-link-profile az-enabled

# ap wired-port-profile az-enabled
#enet-link-profile <profile>

#ap-group default
# enet0-port-profile az-enabled

APs which do not support this feature will will ignore this setting without any effect on the connectivity.
IEEE standards page: http://standards.ieee.org/findstds/standard/802.3az-2010.html'
Wikiipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy-Efficient_Ethernet


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Great.  Just... how do you check to verify if an AP is actually using 802.3az after negotiating with a switch or with a wired-ap client?


Also, most MAS datasheets say "802.3az capable" but I haven't run across any way to enable/disable nor verify it on the MAS.