What is AP fast failover? In which mode is it supported?

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Aruba Employee

QuestionWhat is AP fast failover? In which mode is it supported?


This feature is available in 6.3 and above code versions.
This WLAN redundancy solution allows a campus AP to rapidly fail over from an Active to a Standby controller without needing to rebootstrap. This in turn reduces network downtime and client traffic disruption during the network upgrades or unexpected failures.
APs using the Fast failover regularly communicate with the standby controller, so the standby controller has only a light workload to process if an AP failover occurs. This results in very rapid failover times and a shorter client reconnect period. Previous redundancy solutions (backup LMS) put a heavy load on the backup controller during failover resulting in slower failover performance.
AP Fast-failover supported for
1) CAPs with tunnel and/or Decrypt-tunnel mode SSIDs
Not supported for
1) RAPs
2) CAPs with Bridge-mode SSIDs
3) Mesh
4) Legacy series APs (AP-6x and AP7x)
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