What is AP maintenance mode?

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Product and Software: This article applies to all ArubaOS versions.


Enable AP maintenance mode to suppress traps and syslog messages related to those APs on a particular AP group.


This setting in the AP system profile is particularly useful when deploying, maintaining, or upgrading the network. If AP maintenance is enabled, APs stop flooding unnecessary traps and syslog messages to network management systems or network operations centers during a deployment or scheduled maintenance.


After completing network maintenance, disable AP maintenance mode to ensure that all traps and syslog messages are sent. AP maintenance mode is disabled by default.


To configure AP maintenance mode using the webUI, follow these steps:



1) Navigate to the Configuration > Wireless > AP Configuration page.

2) Click either the AP Group or AP Specific tab. Click Edit for the AP group or AP name.

3) Under Profiles, click AP to display the AP profiles.

4) Click the AP system profile you want to modify.

5) Under Profile Details, check or clear the Maintenance Mode checkbox to enable or disable AP maintenance mode.

6) Click Apply.



To configure AP maintenance mode using the CLI, issue the following commands:



To enable AP maintenance mode:

ap system-profile <profile>




To disable AP maintenance mode:

ap system-profile <profile>

no maintenance-mode



If verify that the maintenance mode is disabled, issue the following command:



( #show ap system-profile default

AP system profile "default"
Parameter                Value
---------                -----
LMS IP                   N/A
Backup LMS IP            N/A
LMS Preemption           Disabled
LMS Hold-down Period     600 sec



Maintenance Mode         Disabled


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