What is Aruba 804?

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Question:  What is Aruba 804?


Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controllers and ArubaOS versions.


Aruba 804 is “restricted” version of Aruba 800.
Aruba 804 can terminate up to only 4 APs, whereas Aruba 800 can terminate up to 16 APs.
This restriction is applied purely by software; actually the Aruba 804 hardware is identical to that of the Aruba 800 (that is, the crypto/switching performance, electorical specification, etc. are the same as A800).


You can upgrade 804 to 800 by purchasing upgrade licenses.

Note that you need software upgrade licenses as well as platform upgrade license if any pertaining licenses are installed on Aruba 804 controller.


The part numbers are as follows:

Platform Upgrade license:

  • 804-UG-800

Software Upgrade licenses:

  • 804-UG-SEC-1
  • 804-UG-ADV-1
  • 804-UG-PEF-1
  • 804-UG-VPN-1
  • 804-UG-WIP-1
  • 804-UG-ESI-1
  • 804-UG-XSC-1
  • 804-UG-VOC-1
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