What is Flexible licensing ?


What is Flexible licensing  and how to put order ?


Controller needs license to enable certain features like, AP termination, Firewall Policies, IDS/IPS etc...,.

In the current licensing scheme, a license key is associated with a part number, each having a specific license count. For example, a license key can impart only a value from the pre-defined set of 1, 2, 128, or 512, 1024, or 2048 licenses. In such a scenario, the customer has to either change his requirement to match with the particular count or he is supplied with multiple license keys with varying counts associated to it.

For example, if the customer wants 130 AP licenses, he will be supplied with two license keys—one with license count 2, and other with count 128. If, however, a customer requests 129 licenses, he has to change his requirement to 130 and he’s then supplied with two license keys.

With flexible licensing, Aruba issues a single license certificate to the customer. Whatever the number is, the customer only gets a single license certificate, and the certificate includes LIC-AP-FLEX and the quantity both.



1. Is flex licensing applicable to pre 6.4 Image ?

Flex licenses also applies to pre 6.4.3 images.

2. Is traditional licensing also available along with flex licensing ?

Customers can still use traditional licensing scheme.

3. Can we mix both traditional and Flex licensing ?

Adding flex licenses on top of traditional licenses should work seamlessly.

4. Which model supports Flex licensing ?

3X00, 72XX, 6XX and 70XX

5. How to add flex license ?

Similar to traditional license ( License add < Key > )

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