What is High Availability:- Fast Failover feature on 6.3 code?

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QuestionWhat is High Availability:- Fast Failover feature on 6.3 code?



AP Fast Failover is basically the redundancy solution to allow campus AP`s to failover from active to standby controller without needing to reboot strap which will significantly reduce network downtime.
AP establishes simultaneous communication channel between active and standby controller.


CAP in tunnel mode, CPSEC supported.
CAP on bridge mode is not supported.
How it works:-
AP connects to first becomes the master controller for that AP.
Master controller informs the AP about standby controller; sends out the hello message.
Standby controller process the config for the AP and create the session locally on the controller however it skips the config download from AP and will mark it as standby.
Standby controller creates a datapath tunnel to the AP and marks the tunnel as standby.
No traffic will be forwarded when it is in the state of standby tunnel mode.
What happens during controller failure:-
AP deauth and disassociates all clients and standby controller state will be changes to active mode.
Standby controller updates the status and traffic will be forwarded through the tunnel.
It informs the AP sending out the message saying active and serve clients.
Different controller roles configuration is  Active. standby and Dual.
Active:-     AP is terminating on the controller which is currently active and clients pass traffic from them.
Dual:-       Few aps are active on the controller and act us a standby for other few aps.
Standby:- Doesn`t server AP`s; just acts as a standby on listening mode and will become active only in case of failover.

This is typically applicable on Master-local deployment.



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