What is VRRP preempt delay?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to ArubaOS 6.1 and later.


Starting with ArubaOS 6.1, VRRP configuration has a new timer called preempt delay.


The preempt delay timer delays VRRP transition to the master by the number of seconds specified in the configuration. This knob has been introduced to prevent the backup from becoming the master very frequently, in cases of network flapping.


Whenever VRRP state is triggered to transition to the master state, if the timer is configured, VRRP does not transition to master. Instead a flag is set to indicate processing of this timer. VRRP timer checks this flag and the configured delay. When the timer expires, VRRP is transitioned to the master state.



vrrp <ID> preempt delay <delay>

The range for delay is 0-60 seconds.

(3400) (config) #vrrp 3
(3400) (config-vrrp)#preempt ?
delay Time to wait before becoming master

(3400) (config-vrrp)#preempt delay ?
<seconds> Delay in seconds (0-60)

(3400) (config-vrrp)#preempt delay 10

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