What is WAN compression on AOS and it`s use case?

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What is WAN compression on AOS and it`s use case?


This feature is supported from AOS and above.

The 7000 Series Controllers contain the Compression/Decompression Engine (CDE) that compresses the raw IP payload data and also decompresses the compressed payload data

Deflation & Inflation

The CDE compression process is called Deflation; the decompression process is called Inflation.

  • XLP 4xx and XLP2xx Packet Processor Card is a high-performance network processor PCI Express card designed for use in PCI Express compliant systems.
  • It features the latest Broadcom XLP 4xx series processor with up to 2.5 Gbps per CDE.
  • This processor is ideally suited to both data-plane applications, which are inherently sensitive to memory latencies, and control-plane applications, which will help best-in-class processing performance.


Four CDE channels on the XLP4XX processor and one CDE channel on the XLP2XX processor.

  •  2.5 GBps per CDE (Deflation process, Inflation process, or combination of both)
  •  Deflation context save and restore (at block boundaries)
  •  Inflation context save and restore (at arbitrary file position)
  •  Load balancing the input messages to all CDEs

The Compression/Decompression Engine feature is enabled by default. However, the packets are compressed only if the IP Payload Compression Protocol (IPComp) is successfully negotiated via the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocol.


Data compression reduces the size of data frames that are transmitted over a network link, thereby reducing the time required to transmit the frame across the network. IP payload compression is one of the key features of the WAN bandwidth optimization solution, which is comprised of the following elements:

You can split a file or data into blocks, and each block can use the mode of compression that suits it best. In this case, it is packet data and there will be only one block.

  1. IP Payload Compression
  2. Traffic Management and QoS
  3. Caching


  • Boc (Branch office controller)can have traffic to destinations other than HQ on the same link, the preferred method is to enable payload compression on the IPsec tunnel between the branch controller and the master controller.
  • IP Payload needs to be enabled only between Aruba devices.


When this hardware-based compression feature is enabled, the quality of unencrypted traffic (such as Lync or Voice traffic) is not compromised through increased latency or decreased throughput.

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