What is “WAN operation mode”


What is “WAN operation mode” in VAP ? What are the different Modes? How it works ? How it will effect RAP operation modes ?


What is WAN operation Mode :

  • New knob “WAN Operation” is added under Virtual-AP profile.
  • This feature more useful for BOC deployment because it will work along with HCM( Health Check manager)
  • As the Master controller does not have uplink manager enabled and won’t interact with Health check manager.
  • Any AP on the master will only have Primary or Always VAPs present.
  • RAPs using a VAP with WAN operation set to Primary or Backup will behave the same as a CAP
  • RAP-operation can not be enabled when WAN-operation is configured as Backup

WAN operation Modes :

  • Three modes can be defined under WAN Operation.
    • Always mode: VAP is active all the time. It is the default mode, all VAPs will be in this mode on upgrade from previous release.
    • Primary mode: VAP is only active when at least one uplink is up, and is disabled when all links are down.
    • Backup mode: VAP is only active when all uplinks are down. Backup mode can only be Open or PSK opmodes.
  • It is closely tied to Health Check Manager and Uplink Manager.
  • When all uplinks are determined to be down, STM will be notified and SAPM will update the configuration change and push the change to APs.
  • To take advantage of this feature, recommend configuring 802.1x VAP as “Primary” mode in WAN operation, configuring an Open or PSK backup VAP as “Backup” mode

How to verify the Config :

How to verify the Functionality:

Show ap bss-table

  • On Initial bring up when WAN connection is up this command has no change.
  • Only Always and Primary VAPs are active.

  • When WAN link goes down a new status WAN Link State shows down.
  • Backup SSIDs become Active.
  • Always SSIDs are active
  • Primary SSIDs are disabled.
  • WAN Link State and “wan-mode” column persists even if the WAN link comes back up.

show ap bss-table ap-name boc-ap


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