What is Wired AP knob broadcast would do and effect of disabling the feature?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment         Typically when wired ports are used in CAP/RAP deployments and critical in VOIP deployments.



Broadcast (Wired-AP knob)

When set to disabled, flooded traffic from other Wired APs, ( in both tunnel and split-tunnel forwarding modes), and Virtual APs ( in Tunnel, Decrypt Tunnel , and Split Tunnel forwarding modes ) will not be flooded to this Wired AP. In order for this to work, the Wired AP , where the Broadcast knob is set to disable, must be in the tunnel forwarding mode. It works the same way when the port is configured to both trusted and untrusted port.

Note: If enabled (box checked in WebUI), all broadcasts are allowed. If disabled (box unchecked in WebUI), the broadcasts are dropped. This knob is applicable only for wired ports in tunnel mode.

(7240) #show ap wired-ap-profile default

 Wired AP profile "default"


Parameter                 Value

---------                 -----

Wired AP enable           Enabled

Trusted                   Not Trusted

Forward mode              tunnel

Switchport mode           access

Access mode VLAN          1

Trunk mode native VLAN    1

Trunk mode allowed VLANs  1-4094

Broadcast                 Broadcast




 Let`s say if we have a RAP deployment of VOIP phone connected on E1 port tunnel mode and when broadcast is disabled; VOIP phones wouldn’t able to communicate each other however traffic basically external calls from phone to outside world will go well. By default; this Knob is enabled and recommended until and unless if we don’t have the requirement of flooding the broadcast through the tunnel to controller.

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