What is a single bit ECC error and how do I correct it?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to Aruba M3 Controllers and ArubaOS 3.4.x and later.


The single bit ECC error has been reported only on the M3 platform. Aruba Engineering has confirmed that newer memory does not exhibit the problem and the message itself was not correct. These were single bit errors that were detected AND corrected by the ECC mechanism. As such no operational impact occurred and these errors did not need to be logged as error messages. These messages will be suppressed because they serve no useful purpose.


The single bit error detection and correction does not impact the operation of the switch or cause any performance issues, so they have been removed from the syslog. Instead, counters are maintained and displayed as part of "show memory debug" command to provide a count of single bit ECC errors detected and corrected.


The single bit ECC Error does not require RMA. This error is a software bug, which is curbed on later versions of ArubaOS. We confirm that no performance issues with the mobility controller are caused and you may safely ignore this issue.


This issue will be fixed in the following code:


ArubaOS 5.0.4, (to be released), and 6.1.1 (released) and onwards.

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