What is “even vlan pooling” and how is it better than the previous Hash based VLAN pooling mechanism?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article applies to all the controller models and OS version 6.1.3.x and later


The even VLAN pooling feature allows for even distribution of VLANs configured in the VLAN Pool. Even VLAN pool assignment maintains a dynamic latest usage level of the each VLAN ID in the pool. Therefore, as users age out, their IP addresses are immediately returned to the available pool. 

The previous implementation of VLAN pool assignment used a hash-based mechanism, based on the station MAC address, to map stations to a specific VLAN. Depending upon the hash results, multiple stations end up being mapped to a specific VLAN even if that VLAN has low/no free IP addresses available. In case the VLAN has no more available IP address, the clients will not be assigned any IP address even though other VLANs are under utilized.

 (A3200) (config) #vlan-name test pool assignment ?
even                    Assignment type even
hash                    Assignment type hash

(A3200) (config) #vlan-name test pool assignment even

You can view the current VLAN assignment configuration by executing the “show vlan mapping” command.

(A3200) #show vlan mapping
 Vlan Mapping Table
VLAN Name           Pool Status  Assignment Type  VLAN IDs
---------           -----------  ---------------  --------
test                Enabled      Even


  • Even VLAN pool assignment is supported only for vlan-name and not for VLAN pool configured directly under virtual-ap profile. 
  • The Even VLAN pool assignment algorithm is only supported in tunnel & decrypt-tunnel mode.


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