What is max-tx-fail config from SSID-profle and how it is useful?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment         Typically in VOIP deployments.


Maximum Transmit Failures configuration

 If this is set to “x”, after “x” number of consecutive transmissions failures to the client, client is de-authenticated (say max-tx-fail is set to 25 & max-retries set to 8, this would mean 200 transmission failures for the knob to kick-in). This helps in preserving air time from sending packets to far away sticky clients which continues to keep failing, also this may help in making far away sticky client to better AP (after de-authenticated, it may associate  to some other close by AP instead of trying the same AP again).

Especially VOIP traffic is sensitive and we always prioritize air traffic so it would be better to set a value increased to 25.


Show wlan ssid profile default


Hide SSID                                         Disabled

Deny_Broadcast Probes                             Disabled

Local Probe Request Threshold (dB)                0

Disable Probe Retry                               Enabled

Battery Boost                                     Disabled

WEP Key 1                                         N/A

WEP Key 2                                         N/A

WEP Key 3                                         N/A

WEP Key 4                                         N/A

WEP Transmit Key Index                            1

WPA Hexkey                                        N/A

WPA Passphrase                                    ********

Maximum Transmit Failures                         25

EDCA Parameters Station profile                   N/A

EDCA Parameters AP profile                        N/A


From CLI


Configure terminal

Wlan ssid-profile <profile-name>

max-tx-fail 25

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Hello Vikrams,


Thanks for this very interesting topic. I just found the below conflictual information:


There are here talking about 25 frames not acknowledged from the client device and apprently not from 25 * 8 frames. Do you have any additional information regarding this feature?