What is non-802.11 noise interference immunity feature and its different levels of configuration ?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article applies to Aruba Mobility Controllers running ArubaOS version.


When an AP attempts to decode a non-802.11 signal, that attempt can momentarily interrupt its ability to receive traffic. The noise immunity feature can help improve network performance in environments with a high level of non-802.11 noise from devices such as Bluetooth headsets, video monitors and cordless phones.

You can configure the noise immunity feature for any one of the following levels of noise sensitivity. Note that increasing the level makes the AP slightly “deaf” to its surroundings, causing the AP to lose a small amount of range.

  • Level 0: no ANI adaptation.
  • Level 1: Noise immunity only. This level enables power-based packet detection by controlling the amount of power increase that makes a radio aware that it has received a packet.
  • Level 2: Noise and spur immunity. This level also controls the detection of OFDM packets, and is the default setting for the Noise Immunity feature.
  • Level 3: Level 2 settings and weak OFDM immunity. This level minimizes false detects on the radio due to interference, but may also reduce radio sensitivity. This level is recommended for environments with a high-level of interference related to 2.4Ghz appliances such as cordless phones.
  • Level 4: Level 3 settings, and FIR immunity. At this level, the AP adjusts its sensitivity to in- band power, which can improve performance in environments with high and constant levels of noise interference.
  • Level 5: The AP completely disables PHY error reporting, improving performance by eliminating the time the controller would spend on PHY processing.

Only 802.11n-capable APs simultaneously support both the RX Sensitivity Tuning Based Channel Reuse feature and a level-3 to level-5 Noise Immunity setting. Do not raise the noise immunity default setting on APs that do not support 802.11n unless you first disable the Channel Reuse feature.

Non-802.11 Noise Immunity can be managed through the "Non 802.11 Interference Immunity" parameter in the 802.11a or 802.11g radio profile:



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