What is "Eth0 bridging" or "Eth0 Downlink"? How to configure it on Instant IAP?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee
Starting from Aruba InstantOS, single ethernet port (Eth0) of IAP platforms like IAP-93 and IAP-105 can be converted to act as a downlink port using "Eth0 Bridging" feature. This allows IAPs to support wired clients but only when their uplink is wireless.

This also allows mesh point to supports LAN bridging and thereby one can connect any wired device/switch to the downlink eth0 port.
The document contains the following sections:
  • Configuring "Eth0 Bridging"
  • Verification of communication between clients across the bridge link


  • Eth0  can be used as a downlink only when the uplink is wireless i.e  Mesh Point, Wi-Fi Uplink or 3G uplink
  • Configuration can be done from AMP (Airwave Management Platform) running Airwave version 7.6 or later
  • Changes to the Eth0 Bridging Mode will take effect after the IAP is restarted.

The following software and hardware are used in this document to illustrate the concept and configuration steps:



Hardware  Aruba Instant AP-105
Software Aruba Instant
Link bandwidth test Iperf throughput testing tool



rtaImage (1).jpg

Follow the below-mentioned steps to enable "Eth0 bridging" on IAP:
  1. Login into Instant WebUI
  2. From the list of Access Points, select the IAP and click on "edit" link
  3. Click on "Uplink" tab
  4. Enable "Eth0 bridging" from the dropdown.

rtaImage (2).jpg


  • To verify the connectivity of Wi-Fi link, ping tests can be done from the devices connected behind the IAP's.
  • Iperf throughput test tool can be used to check the Wi-Fi uplink bandwidth. 
  • Or copying a large file could across the link could reveal the link bandwidth.

Tested with two IAP-105's, one as mesh portal and other as mesh point with eth0 bridging enabled. Iperf test on wired clients behind the IAP's witnessed the bandwidth of 65 to 70 mb/s.





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Okay. I have IAP103, that has a wifi-uplink. it is connected to a WPA2-PSK SSID(tunnel mode, vlan310) advertised from a AP that is connected to a controller.


With eth0-bridging on the IAP103, can i have the wired port profile configured as access to vlan 400? 

Can my wired port profile(be configured as trunk)? I will connect a switch down the IAP103. 

Is that one IAP 103 is connected to the switch act us a mesh portal and other one as the WIFI uplink whcih is acting as a mesh point and we would like to know if we can have the client  connected to mesh point IAP 103 downlink on the other vlan say 400; if that`s the case it should work with configurfing the uplink mesh portal switch side as a trunk port for the traffic to go through.


When we say IAP 103 is connected to controller  as PSK SSID on tunnel mode ? is the AP already converted to campus AP mode on the controller ? Please clarify if we are talking about Campus, IAP or IAP mesh or Controller mesh deployment ?


Thank you,