What is the AP setup for deployment of location tracking and heat map?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controllers and ArubaOS versions.

For a demo with minimum units, the suggested configuration is to have three APs on the same channel, or to have two APs on a channel and one AM. Of course, you will be able to triangulate devices only on the channel.

For a real deployment, roughly the same number of AMs as APs should be sufficient, assuming that AP coverage is decent, for example, 11 Mbps for .b or 48 mbps for .a. More than three AMs are necessary.

However, remember that APs cannot replace AMs, no matter how many you deploy. For example, assuming .b three channel deployment, you need at least nine APs, because each channel must have three listening devices at any given moment and position. One can translate this statement into a single word: interference.

You might ask: what about AP's background scanning? For triangulation purposes, especially for station tracking, it is almost useless. It is almost impossible for APs to catch sporadic traffic from stations through background scanning. For now, we are using background scanning data, however, do not expect any accuracy.

Regarding building boundary, we do not use AP/AMs in other buildings, no matter how close they are, because it is not reasonable to expect customers to know and input information such as distances between buildings and their orientations.

Mandatory requirements:

  • You must have three listening devices (either AM or AP) on the channel on
    which you want to track target devices at any given moment and location.
  • You must have at least one AP to get calibration data. More APs are most
    likely required to capture a building structure.
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Could you help me with one issue I have for heap map for retail?


Is it possible to use Aruba´s AP and AirWave to build the heat map, which means, tracking the consumer´s smartfone which has wifi activated and identify the movement as well as timming spend in each place inside of the retail store?





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