What is the LDAP filter character limit?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controllers and ArubaOS 3.4.x and later.


The LDAP filter character limit is 256.

The character limit of the LDAP filter is important when you need to configure the LDAP server on the Aruba controller. This filter is where the object class is used that depends on the OUs and DCs.

Sample Filter field:


(&(objectclass=inetorgperson)(|(memberOf=cn=Wirele ssAccess,OU=Security,OU=Groups,DC=ad-test,DC=testdc,DC=org)(memberOf=cn=WirelessAccessCus tom,OU=Security,OU=Groups,DC=ad-test,DC=testdc,DC=org))(!(memberOf=cn=WirelessAccess Denied,OU=Security,OU=Groups,DC=ad-test,DC=testdc,DC=org)))


Screen shot:


(Aruba800-4) (LDAP Server "test") #show aaa authentication-server ldap test

LDAP Server "test"


Parameter Value

--------- -----

Host N/A

Admin-DN N/A

Admin-Passwd ********

Allow Clear-Text Disabled

Auth Port 389

Base-DN N/A

Filter asdfadskfhasdfjhaslkdfhaksjdfhlkajhsdflkjhasdflkjhasdlfkjhasdklfhaslkdjfhasdfhaflkjhasdlkfjhasldkfjhaslkdjfhalksjdhflkajhsdflkjhasdfhjasdflkajshdflkjashdf

Key Attribute sAMAccountName

Timeout 20 sec

Mode Enabled

Preferred Connection Type ldap-s

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