What is the difference between Downstream UCC and Upstream UCC scores.

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What is the difference between Downstream UCC and Upstream UCC scores?




UCC(Unified Communication and Collaboration):

UCC Score or a.k.a. Real time quality Analysis - provides real-time Call quality analysis and is an Aruba-proprietary method to display the Voice quality. 
It is measured based on the Delay, Jitter and Packet Loss for RTP packets.

With 6.x OS version, UCC score is calculated based on the RTP analysis at the AP level only for the downstream traffic from AP to client. 

With 8.x version, enhancement has been done for the UCC dashboard and it displays the UCC score for both upstream and downstream directions.

Downstream UCC Score:

Measures call quality between the AP and the wireless client in the downstream direction. ​
Denoted as UCC Score[A]​

Upstream UCC Score​:

Measures call quality over the wired part of the network between the AP and the Aruba Controller in the upstream direction.​
Denoted as UCC Score[C]


For example:

Client "A" transmits voice data. It sends RTP packets to the AP which in turns is sent to the controller over the GRE tunnel. This direction is considered upstream with respect to the client. (UCC Score [C])

​The destination client "B" replies to Client A which is transmitted by the AP to client "A". This direction (between AP to client "A") is considered as downstream. (UCC Score [A])


The following figure is used to illustrate the concept of Upstream and downstream UCC Score:​

UCC Dashboard is displayed as follows: 

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