What is the high availability and redundancy of MMS?

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Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to MMS and all ArubaOS versions.


To configure High Availability for two systems:


1)  Log into each system and reset the Redundancy setting to Standalone. This must be done on both systems. Wait for several minutes until each system has completed the task. Make sure you can log into both systems via the web without error.

2)  (Optional, but recommended.) Back up the system that will become the standby system.

3)  From the Dashboard of the system that should become the primary (active) server, go to the Administration page, click the Server tab, and configure Redundancy specifying the other server as the standby server. This database will be copied to the standby system, and the two will be kept synchronized.



In the event of a network failure such that the primary and standby servers can no longer communicate, each server effectively becomes a primary active server. In this situation, the databases are likely to become unsynchronized.


After network connectivity is restored, each server continues to function as a primary server. To restore the redundant configuration, you will need to determine which of the two server's databases should be preserved, because the database information on the server designated as the standby will be lost. Follow these same steps to reconfigure HA.

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