What is the home agent table used for?

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Product and Software: This article applies to ArubaOS 3.4.0.




The home agent table (HAT) is used by the foreign agent (FA) to identify the home agent (HA) IP addresses. The search is based on the station IP address. Multiple HA addresses could exist for a single station. The discovery process decides which HA to use.



HA discovery is achieved by having the FA send parallel unicast Registration Requests with the HA address set to 0 (and a special Aruba extension) to indicate a discovery to all potential HAs. HAs reply with standard error code 136 if they can be an HA for that station. If an HA is already serving this station, it adds a special extension (have session, Aruba vendor-specific) so that the FA can use this HA to serve the station.



The HAT is a global configuration option, which means that the configuration is pushed to all local controllers in the master-local setup. However, each controller could have different set of active domains configured.




To view the domain that is configured on the controller, issue the following command:


show ip mobile domain




(stu2-local) #show ip mobile domain


Mobility Domains:, 2 domain(s)

Domain name default
Home Agent Table, 0 subnet(s)

Domain name my31
Home Agent Table, 2 subnet(s)
subnet mask VlanId Home Agent
--------------- --------------- ------ --------------- 451 451





To view the active domain, issue the following command:


show ip mobile active-domains




(stu2-local) #show ip mobile active-domains


Active Mobility Domain(s) Total: 1
Domain name Status
----------- ------


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