What is the maximum number of wired MAC addresses that an AP can support?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba APs and ArubaOS versions 3.0 and later.

Every Aruba AP maintains its own wired MAC tables to track the MAC addresses that it has learned or heard on the Layer 2 network where it stays. The maximum number of entries of this wired MAC table is 2048. When the table is full, new MAC addresses are ignored.

#show ap monitor wired-mac ap-name test-ap enet-mac

Wired MAC Table
mac ip age
--- -- ---
00:0b:86:40:06:00 1m:18s
00:0b:86:40:06:09 - 5m:14s
00:0b:86:c2:1b:d3 11s
00:0b:86:40:73:80 8s
00:0b:86:0c:e9:80 11s

Wired MAC Table: Gateway MACs
mac ip age tagged
--- -- --- ------
00:0b:86:40:06:17 - 7h:50m:7s No
00:0b:86:40:06:05 - 7h:50m:7s No
00:0b:86:0c:e9:80 7h:50m:7s No

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