What is the option "Rogue AP Aware" in ARM profile do ?

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Question: What is the option "Rogue AP Aware" in ARM profile do ?



If the AP is serving clients on channel 1 and the rogue is on channel 6, the AP will not change channels to contain the rogue.  If the rogue happens to be on channel 1, the AP will perform wireless 
containment while serving clients.  If there are no clients on the AP, it can be configured to change channel to contain the rogue device by enabling the ‘Rogue AP Aware’ setting in the ARM profile. 


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Here u go, Short example:


If the rogue-ap-aware ARM option is disabled, an AP will contain a rogue only when the rogue AP is on the same channel used by the monitoring AP. If the option is enabled, the AP will switch to the channel that the rogue is on and contain by continually sending deauths. The ARM option assignment must be enabled. (Please be warned that the ARM options client-aware, voice-aware, and ps-aware have priority over rogue-AP-aware. If scanning is paused for them, the AP will not switch channels to the channel that the rogue is on in order to contain it.). This channel switching is also limited to the valid-channel settings from the ap regulatory-domain, i.e. if only channel 1,6,11 are permitted in regulatory-domain, the AP will not switch to channel 8 even a rogue AP is deteceted. Also, if a rogue AP is already on the channel the AP is on, the AP will not switch to another channel where another rogue might reside.

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