What is the purpose of configurable AP heartbeat? Outline the configuration details (or) How do I increase the interval between heartbeats that Controller and AP exchanges as keepalives?

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Aruba Employee

Introduction : As we all know, Access Points and Controllers exchange heartbeat messages as keepalive mechanism and the interval between each heartbeat is 1 (one) second by default. In case of Remote Access Point, which is terminating on to the controller over Internet, this frequent exchange of hearbeats causes increase in bandwidth usage.

This issue has been addressed in ArubaOS, by having the heartbeat interval as a configurable parameter for Campus Access Points (CAP's), Remote Access Points (RAP's) and Mesh Portals.


Feature Notes :


  • By default hearbeat-interval for CAP's, RAP's and Mesh Portals is 1(one) second and for Mesh Point it is 5(five) seconds.

  • Interval can be set anything between 1 to 60 seconds.

  • By default bootstrap threshold for CAP's and Mesh Portal is 8 seconds, for RAP's 30 seconds and for Mesh Point it is 16 seconds.

  • Increase in heartbeat interval shoots up the bootstrap time. Thi increases the time that an Access Point takes to detect a loss in connectivity to controller. Bootstrap time is calculated as shown below:
Bootstrap time = Heartbeat interval * Bootstrap threshold

For eg:
HB interval = 5 sec
Bootstrap Threshold = 8
Bootstrap time = 40



Environment : This article applies to Aruba Mobility Controllers and Aruba Access Points running ArubaOS version or higher.


Configuration Steps : Access Point, on connecting to associated controller and downloading system profile, informs internal datapath module to start sending heartbeats to controller. Before sending heartbeats, ap datapath looks for heartbeat interval value configured in ap system profile.

From CLI, 

In the ap system profile, configure it using the below command:


Below is configuration screenshot from controller:

User-added image

From WebUI:

Navigate to AP Group and then to respective AP System Profile -> then Click on Advance tab

User-added image

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Can you include the protocol/port you are talking about?

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