What is the purpose of enabling learn AP in wms general profile?

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Question: What is the purpose of enabling learn AP in wms general profile?


Product & Software: This article applies for Aruba OS 5.x and above.

When the learn AP knob is enabled, all third party APs that are discovered will be classified as valid. This feature should only be used when a network is first turned up, and only if there are non-Aruba 3rd party APs that are part of the customer network (overlay network) and need to be classified as Valid.  This is the only scenario where this parameter should be (temporarily) enabled.
If this knob is enabled by mistake then the rogue AP's will be classified as valid. When disabling the learn AP feature, the database needs to be cleaned so that APs will be classified without the feature enabled - once the system has classified APs as valid, it will not reclassify them. The clean db will not delete any RF plan information, but it will delete any manually or system classifications of APs and stations.

In enable mode, wms clean-db command will clean the wms database.

(Aruba)# wms clean-db
(Aruba)# write memory
(Aruba)# reload

Note: Learn AP feature should be disabled before executing the wms clean-db command.

The clean-db must be followed by a master controller reboot.

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