What is the relevance of LACP system ID?


What is the relevance of LACP system ID on an aruba controller? 


LACP system ID is combination on LACP priority + controller MAC address:

(Aruba7210) (config) #show lacp sys-id

32768,               00:1A:1E:00:44:F0


Here Priority                         = 32768

Controller MAC                     = 00:1A:1E:00:44:F0


The controller with lower system ID decides which ports will be added to the LACP. First, lower priority will take precedence. If the priorities are the same, then the MAC address will act as tie breaker. 


Default Priority is 32768. It can be changed by the following command:

(Aruba7210) #configure t

(Aruba7210) (config) #lacp system-priority 65534
(Aruba7210) (config) #
(Aruba7210) (config) #show lacp sys-id

65534,               00:1A:1E:00:44:F0




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