What is the use of PEFV license?

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Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies to all controller model and OS versions.


The PEFV license allows the administrator to apply firewall policies to users using a VPN client to connect to the controller.Itprovides the same features and functionality that PEF-NG does, but it is applied to users coming in over VPN connections as opposed to wireless users.The user role and policy are enforced on the mobility controller and thus only affects centralized traffic.While this license is optional for other VPN cients, it is mandatory for the Aruba VIA VPN client.The PEFV license is purchased as a single license that enables the functionality up to the full user capacity of the mobility controller.

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Hi, if i have 2 controllers 7205, do i then need 2 licenses LIC-7205-PEFV or can i just have license for 1, 7205 in centralized licensing

PEFV is a per box license and is not part of centralized licensing. You'll need one for each controller.



I have a project where the client is a bank and need to deploy IAP 207 around 80 over its branches and the IAPs are to connect through VPN to the 7010 controller in the main branch. 

Can someone please explain what is the reason of using the controller here since it's not responsible of the configuration (responsibility of the Virtual controller in each branch).

Also, what licenses do we need on the controller in order to terminate the VPN IAPs?