What is the use of aaa user clear-sessions command?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question: What is the use of aaa user clear-sessions command?


Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba wireless controllers and all Aruba OS.

This command help us resetting the existing datapath sessions and will be helpful while troubleshooting traffic issues.

However, just running 'aaa user clear-sessions <ip-addr>' won't help.




As above shown; doing 'aaa user clear-sessions <ip-addr>' didn't help resetting the session table.

Before doing 'aaa user clear-sessions <ip-addr>' we need to do 'aaa user delete <ip-addr>' or 'aaa user delete mac <mac-addr>'

IMP NOTE: We executed 'aaa user delete all' as this is the lab environment however doing that will delete all the users from the users table and not to be used in production network; as it will disconnect all the users from user table.





As we can see above; the sessions has been reset.

NOTE: Doing 'aaa user delete <ip-addr>' or 'aaa user delete mac <mac-addr>' alone will not help; as shown below:




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