What needs to be enabled for Managed devices to send dashboard stats to Mobility Master in 8.X ?


To view the stats of the APs and clients connected to the managed controllers in Mobility Master dashboard 


To achieve this we need to configure Mobility master as MON receiver or as the Airwave server 


#mgmt-server primary-server <ip address of MM> profile default-amp

(MM) [md] (config) #mgmt-server primary-server profile default-amp


#mgmt-server primary-server <ip address of MM> profile default-controller

(MM) [md] (config) #mgmt-server primary-server profile default-controller


(MM) [md] (config) #mgmt-server primary-server profile default-controller
(MM) [md] (config) #write memory

Saving Configuration...

Partial configuration for /md
Contents of : /flash/config/partial/50/p=md.cfg
[FILE_INFO] /sc 50

mgmt-server primary-server profile default-controller

On Managed node CLI

(MD) #show mgmt-servers

List of Management Servers
Primary Server  Profile             Transport-method
--------------  -------             ----------------   default-controller  udp
Num Rows:1


(MD) #show mgmt-server profile default-controller

Mgmt Config profile "default-controller" (Predefined (changed))
Parameter                           Value
---------                           -----
Stats                               Enabled
Tag                                 Enabled
Sessions                            Enabled
Monitored Info - Add/Update         Disabled
Monitored Info - Deletion           Disabled
Monitored Info - Periodic Snapshot  Disabled
Wireless IDS Event Info             Disabled
Misc                                Enabled
Location                            Enabled
UCC Monitoring                      Enabled
AirGroup Info                       Enabled
Inline DHCP stats                   Enabled
Inline AP stats                     Enabled
Inline Auth stats                   Enabled
Inline DNS stats                    Enabled


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