What support does Aruba provide for B1000, B2000, and smartphones on Vocera?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Each Vocera badge downloads a badge profile from the Vocera server.

The badge profile contains WLAN configuration, server-specific details, and general badge configuration. The Vocera badge profile contains variables for the B1000 and B2000 badges, and the B2000 variables have a "B2" prefix, as follows: (The sample profile is for a four channel plan with subnet roaming disabled.)


· B2.ChannelsToScan 1,4,8,11

· B2.ScanDefaultChannels false

· B2.RoamingPolicy 2

· B2.SubnetRoaming FALSE

1) If the four-channel plan is used, the "B2.ScanDefaultChannels" variable should be set to false. The false setting is only a B2000 option and it changes the channel plan to 1, 4, 8, and 11 for the badges. If the "B2.ScanDefaultChannels" variable is set to true, the badges will not be able to find the access point on channel 4 and 8.


2) The default roaming profile setting is B2.RoamingPolicy = 2). In general, this setting should be left at the default setting and should be changed only on the recommendation of Vocera support. If you lower the setting, the badge will never roam. If you increase to a higher roaming policy, the badge will spend extra time looking for the best access point, which results in a shorter battery life.


3) SubnetRoaming should always be set to false. There is no need to enable subnet roaming on the badges when IP mobility or VLAN mobility is enabled or if the badges are on a single subnet. Turning off this option eliminates any intermittent delay for a DHCP server to respond. Delays are seen when multiple IP helpers are configured for the VLAN or when the DHCP server has a delay in response times.


Review the recommended port assignments to determine if the Vocera ALG is working as designed. In the latest releases, Vocera is starting to use TCP port assignments.

We can determine the model of the badges by reviewing the MAC address of the units.

B2000 MAC Addresses

The later mode B2000 badges have the higher MAC prefix: "00:09:ef:05" or "00:09:ef:06".


B1000 MAC Addresses
The older B1000 badges have the "00:09:ef:02" MAC prefix.


ARUBA-MASTER) # show user-table role voice

IP             MAC          Name  Role  Age(d:h:m) Auth VPN link AP name      Roaming    Essid/Bssid/Phy            Profile
----------    ------------ ------ ----  ---------- ---- -------- -------      -------    ---------------            -------  00:09:ef:05:3d:a8   voice 00:03:56                ap6hcrh2hcrh  Associated VOCERA/00:0b:86:6e:a5:62/g Vocera-AAA-Profile  00:09:ef:05:0b:0b   voice 00:03:26                ap16hcrh6hcrh Associated VOCERA/00:0b:86:6d:af:22/g Vocera-AAA-Profile  00:09:ef:05:b6:ff   voice 00:01:32                ap6hcrh3hcrh  Associated VOCERA/00:0b:86:6e:9f:42/g Vocera-AAA-Profile 00:09:ef:05:09:c9   voice 00:09:51                ap8hcrh5hcrh  Associated VOCERA/00:0b:86:f6:6a:e2/g Vocera-AAA-Profile 00:09:ef:05:3a:4f   voice 00:09:10                ap6hcrh1hcrh  Associated VOCERA/00:0b:86:f6:d3:c2/g Vocera-AAA-Profile 00:09:ef:06:14:2b   voice 00:09:32                ap3hcrh6hcrh  Associated VOCERA/00:0b:86:f6:d3:42/g Vocera-AAA-Profile 00:09:ef:02:79:67   voice 00:18:43                ap10hcrh5hcrh Associated VOCERA/00:0b:86:f6:91:22/g Vocera-AAA-Profile 00:09:ef:05:3c:46   voice 00:08:41                ap3hcrh6hcrh  Associated VOCERA/00:0b:86:f6:d3:42/g Vocera-AAA-Profile 00:09:ef:05:17:3b   voice 00:03:03                ap17hcrh6hcrh Associated VOCERA/00:0b:86:f6:cf:22/g Vocera-AAA-Profile  00:09:ef:05:39:f9   voice 00:09:06                ap18hcrh6hcrh Associated VOCERA/00:0b:86:f6:d5:22/g Vocera-AAA-Profile  00:09:ef:02:79:65   voice 00:03:48                ap10hcrh5hcrh Associated VOCERA/00:0b:86:f6:91:22/g Vocera-AAA-Profile  00:09:ef:05:3d:74   voice 00:08:46                ap14hcrh6hcrh Associated VOCERA/00:0b:86:f6:c8:22/g Vocera-AAA-Profile 00:09:ef:05:0a:d6   voice 00:19:59                ap12hcrh5hcrh Associated VOCERA/00:0b:86:f6:d3:22/g Vocera-AAA-Profile

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