When is a PEF license used and how do we count users when we look at licenses in use on the controller?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controllers and ArubaOS 3.x and 2.x.

The number of PEF licenses used is directly related to the number of entries at the controller's user table and station table. If the controller has an ARP entry for the device, then it is in the user table after it gets an IP address (except for trusted interfaces). However, a PEF license is also consumed when the user is associated to an AP and still has not acquired an IP address. So, the client does not really have to get a Layer 3 address in order to consume a PEF license. Every unique MAC address associated consumes a PEF user count.

When a client stays in the "logon" role, gets an IP address, and NEVER authenticates, does a PEF license is used?

Yes, though the client is still in logon role and never authenticates, it will still be counted against the total PEF license counts. This is why it is important to properly design IP scopes for a guest network. Therefore, SSID should not be left open (no encryption key), because the unauthenticated users consume IP addresses from DHCP and user entries from the controller, which uses a PEF license count.

The following commands show the number of entries in the user table and station table, which is the PEF licenses consumed. Users who are authenticated and not authenticated with respective role with Layer 3 address are listed. Users who are only associated, but do not yet have an IP address are listed in the station table.

(Aruba) # show user-table verbose
(Aruba) # show station-table

To determine how many PEF licenses are used on a controller, issue the following command:

(Aruba) # show license-usage ?
ap Show AP license usage information
user Show PEF user license usage
vpn Show vpn configuration
xsec Show xSec user license usage

(Aruba) # show license-usage user

User License Usage
Name Value
---- -----
License Limit 4096
License Usage 0
License Exceeded 0
License Platform 4096
Station Total 0
Station AP entries 0
Station VPN entries 0
Station VPN users 0
Station xSec users 0
IP Users 0
Association Users 0

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