When should I consider enabling WMS Offload on Aruba Controllers?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies to Aruba Mobility Controllers running ArubaOS version 5.0 and Above.


The WMS process on the master controller typically maintains information about devices that are being monitored by the Aruba APs. These devices include other APs and clients. The clients may or may not be associated to the Aruba APs. This information is used for rogue classification, ARM, and for location tracking.As the number of Aruba APs grows, the amount of information that is maintained by the master mobility controller database increases. WMS offload helps free resources on the master by moving the WMS database to AirWave.

To determine if the WMS on a controller is nearing capacity, run the show wms counters command from the command line. At the bottom of the output, you will see these four lines

Aruba# show wms counters

Name Value
---- -----
Total Tree Count                 31135
MAX RB-tree Count                450000
Max Count Exceeded - APs         0
Max Count Exceeded - STAs        0

If the total number of devices (APs or client devices) is approaching the MAX RB-tree Count, consider offloading WMS to AirWave.

Note :-  The MAX RB-tree Count may differ for various AOS and hardware platforms.


Refer the below article to configure WMS Offload



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