Which Aruba controller models supports AOS version 6.2.x.x?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies Aruba OS version 6.2.x.x.


Legacy controllers (200, 800, 2400, SC1 and SC2) and 3200 do not support upgrading to AOS version 6.2.x.x. 

Currently, the newer controller models like 7200 Series, M3, 3200XM, 3400, 3600, and 600 Series are the ones that are supported on 6.2.x.x. This list may, however, change in future with the release of newer controller models. 

Another point to note is, when a 651 controller is upgraded to 6.2, the internal AP is disabled and the 651 will appear as 650-1 and the 
651-8 will appear as 650-9 in ArubaOS. What this means is any 651 controller that was shipped with zero in-built license will now support 1 AP and any 651 controller that had 8 in-built licenses would support 9 APs without explicitly adding any licenses.

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