Which controller peer IP address do I use when configuring master-master redunda

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controllers and ArubaOS 3.x and later.


Starting with ArubaOS 3.x, controllers use an IPsec secure channel to communicate with each others, whether it is a master-local communication or a master-master communication.


In the case of a master-master redundancy, there is currently no option to specify the source IP address of the IPsec tunnel. The controller uses its switch IP.


If no loopback IP is configured, the command 'show switches' displays the switchip used by the controller.


Therefore, Aruba recommends you use the peer master controller switch IP as the peer IP in the master-redundancy command.




Active Master controller:             Switch IP =


IP Address    Name      Location          Type     Version   Status  Configuration State  Config Sync Time (sec)
----------    ----      --------          ----     -------   ------  -------------------  ----------------------  MM800     Building1.floor1  master  up      UPDATE SUCCESSFUL    0   MM3400-1  Building1.floor1  standby  up      UPDATE SUCCESSFUL    585079  Mak800    Building1.floor1  local  up      UPDATE SUCCESSFUL    17

  master-vrrp 82
  peer-ip-address ipsec 754e157146aa654398dec3667867b2b48b37f33494f2af33

Standby Master controller:          Switch IP =

IP Address   Name      Location          Type     Version   Status  Configuration State  Config Sync Time (sec)
----------   ----      --------          ----     -------   ------  -------------------  ----------------------  MM3400-1  Building1.floor1  standby  up      UPDATE SUCCESSFUL    0

  master-vrrp 82
  peer-ip-address ipsec 9e59226458bcff5bad1cf5b44c24eb7ebd64313642b43097 

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