While upgrading the controller we get the error message "Disk space limit reached". How to get around this error and upgrade the controller.?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment  : This Article is valid for all Aruba controllers and software versions.


We are upgrading the controller from GUI. The File gets copies successfully but after that it gives an error "Disk space limit reached"

Have a look at the image below:


rtaImage (7).png


We need to get the outputs of the following commands :

# show storage
# dir
# show memory

1. Sometimes there is very less space left on the flash.
2. Sometimes the available memory is low on the controller.


1. If there is less space on the flash, then we need to delete the files on the flash by the command:

# delete filename < name of the fail >

We should only delete flash backup / old config files. We must never delete any other file from the controller.

2. If the upgrade still gives the error, then we need to restart the controller as the available memory might be limited on the controller. This is common for 3200 non XM controller.

In that case, we need to restart the controller and then upgrade again.


Note: If we still get the error, we need to contact Aruba TAC for further troubleshooting.





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