Why Motorola EWB100 devices doesn't work and how to make them work?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

The EWB-100 is a walkie-talkie device that uses multicast for communication.

When using on an Aruba WLAN you MUST Disable the UDP 5000 ALG (svc-noe-oxo udp 5000 alg noe) in the netservice section.
With that netdestination in place you will have no voice path if this ALG is not disabled/removed however device will connect.

To be clear, this is what you're removing:
(Aruba) (config) # no netservice svc-noe-oxo udp 5000 alg noe

Picture of MOTOROLA EWB100


The reason for this issue seems to be the following:
Clients are sending multicast frames which contain UDP data (on port # 5000)

This port is used by NOE/UA . So such packets on port 5000 are automatically pointed to NOE ALG. Once they are in the NOE ALG, they get parsed but since they are not NOE packets they get dropped by the NOE ALG .

By disabling the NOE ALG, we will ensure that the packets are not sent to the ALG . Rather these packets get forwarded/routed based on the ACL rules. This is the way this NOE/UA ALG works.

Below are some basic network requirements for implementing the MOTO EWB-100 are as follows:

  • 2.4 Ghz Only
  • RSSI value: -65dBm
  • Signal Overlap: 15-20%
  • SIR (Signal-to-Interference Ratio): 20dB Use non-overlapping channels.
  • The default configuration of the EWB100 only scans channels 1,6 and 11.
  • Authentication: Open, WEP, WPA/WPA2 TKIP, WPA/WPA2 AES psk only
  • WMM: Enabled
  • DTIM: 2 (Aruba Default is 1)
  • Beacon Interval: 100 (Aruba default is 100)
  • Multicast Enabled (Multicast should be enabled on VLANs where phones reside)
  • Data Rates: Recommended to elimiate 1 & 2 mb from supported/basic rates and use 5.5 and higher.
  • Note: if higher basic rates such as 11Mbps is used, coverage should be engineered for that speed. 11Mbps has been known to cause issues with voice quality unless properly engineered.
  • The EWB100 badge works best on 5.5Mbps or 6Mbps basic rates for best voice quality and reliability
  • IGMP Snooping: Disabled. The easiest deployment choice is to disable. This floods all of the WLANs with the multicast packets.
  • Multiple BSSIDs: Having multiple BSSID's is supported.
  • The EWB100 does not support certificate storage so Enterprise WPA/WPA2 is not supported. Cisco CCX is not supported on EWB100 Badges
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