Why are my APs rebooting with the error message “i2c_adapter i2c-1: sendbytes: error – bailout”?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment  : This article applies to AP 104, AP 105, IAP 104 and IAP 105.


Some of the APs from AP 100 series (AP-104, AP-105, IAP-104 and IAP-105 - all variants) are constantly rebooting with the following boot sequence – 


No panic info available
Testing TPM... TPM driver running in 3204 mode
i2c_adapter i2c-1: sendbytes: error - bailout.
i2c_adapter i2c-1: sendbytes: error - bailout.
Failed -- Rebooting
killall: nanny: no process killed
killall: sapd: no process killed
SIOCSIFADDR: No such device
Sending SIGKILL to all processes.
Please stand by while rebooting the system.
Restarting system.


Recently, Aruba introduced a new version of the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) component on the main board of the AP models AP 104, AP 105, IAP 104 and IAP 105.
Products using the new component version can be identified by serial number (BT0308241-BT0309240, and BT0553579+) or by Date-of-Manufacture (DOM, 4/2/13 and later).
There is an interoperability problem of hardware using the new TPM component version, in combination with specific software versions: 

  • ArubaOS: through (versions prior to or post are not affected)
  • ArubaInstant:


  1. Determine if your system is affected by the following:


  1. Any AP-104/105, IAP-104/105 with serial number between BT0308241 and BT0309240 or BT0553579 and higher and
  2. Using ArubaOS software through (inclusive) or Aruba Instant software

 If affected, upgrade your software to: 

  1. ArubaOS: or later, latest GA (General Availability) release recommended, or
  2. Aruba Instant: or later, latest GA (General Availability) release recommended



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