Why cant I create more than 60 static dst-NAT acl’s in the controller?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee
This is applicable to 6.x and above AOS

Unable to add static NAT pools more than 60. We get an error if it exceeds 60 ACLs on a new policy , eventually the ACL might get added however it does not work.  

What is dst-nat: This option redirects traffic to the configured IP address and destination port. User should configure the NAT pool in the controller.
(Aruba) (config) #ip  access-list session TEST
(Aruba) (config-sess-TEST)#any any tcp 65050 dst-nat ip 23
Too many NAT pools (61)
This is not a bug but rather an enhancement. Currently the supported limit is 64 NAT pools on Aruba products. 

P.S The requirement to increase the NAT to proposed upper limit is still under discussion. Contact your sales for any requirement more than 64 NAT pools. 
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