Why do APs show up with ID flag after upgrading Controllers to 6.3? How to resolve this issue?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment :


Aruba OS 6.3+
Aruba Controllers M3, 72xx, 3000 and 6xx.
Any Aruba AP supported on Aruba OS 6.3


APs show up with ID flag on the AP database.


LMS IP is checked against the default DHCP Server scope ( /24) on the AP System Profile.



We need to ensure the LMS IP or Backup LMS IP configured on the AP System Profile does not coincide with the  network.  If the Controller IP needs to be in the network, we can bring up the APs by changing Default DHCP Remote Server ID from to an unused scope and reboot the Controller.


On Aruba OS 6.3, we implement a stringent check for the LMS IP/Backup LMS IP on the AP System Profile to be distinct from the default DHCP Server ID and scope on the AP System Profile for RAPs i.e. 192.168.11.x. 

If the LMS and/or Backup LMS IP is set to an IP in the 192.168.11.x range in 6.1 and then Controller is upgraded to 6.3, we will see the following error on “show profile-errors”. 

Error: LMS-IP cannot be same as the Remote-AP DHCP server id

We can see this error when trying to configure any AP System Profile while the Controller is running 6.3:




If the Controller IPs are already using the 192.168.11.x range and the default RAP DHCP Server is not in use, then the issue can be resolved by changing the default DHCP Server ID and scope to any unused IP address range other than 192.168.11.x.  A Controller reboot should follow this change to update the default Internal RAP DHCP Server defined scope on the Controller.  We can now use LMS/Backup LMS as a Controller IP 192.168.11.x.



rtaImage (1).jpg


If the RAP DHCP Server is likely to be used then it is recommended to modify the Controller IP instead.  If we are changing the Controller IP, we might need to update the LMS/Backup LMS on all required AP System Profiles, modify the definition of localip/masterip, update the peer IPs used for master redundancy configuration and also update the static/DNS/DHCP setting for APs to discover the Master Controller with the new Controller IP address.

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